FL50 ECG Monitor with Pulse Oximeter

FL50 ECG Monitor with Pulse Oximeter
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Product Description

Anytime & Anywhere Get vital health signal on palm

This FL50 Vital Signs Monitor is an innovative device which integrates multiple functionalities into one compact and portable unit. It supports cable-free measurement of ECG, SPO2 and Systolic blood pressure. The Daily Check function just takes 20 seconds.

PC Software

With 2.4" color touch screen, well-organized user interface and audio instructions, FL50 ECG monitor is very intuitive and easy to use. Thanks to portability (64g) and usability, FL50 ECG monitor enables you to check your health at anytime anywhere.

Daily Check
Daily Check function measure multi vital signs in 20 seconds, such as Heart Rate, SpO2, PI (Perfusion Index).

ECG Recorder

ECG Recorder in your pocket
Built-in high-quality electrodes
Cable-free measurement takes only 30s
Full disclosure waveform can be replayed
Professional ECG algorithm provided
Two measure mode: Lead I and Lead II

Pulse Oximeter

Built-in SpO2 sensor
Cable-free SpO2 measurement
Pulse rate and perfusion index are also available