FaceLake Fetal Doppler FL-100B Mhz, Backlight/LCD, rechargeable battery, charger

FaceLake Fetal Doppler FL-100B Mhz, Backlight/LCD, rechargeable battery, charger
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Product Description

Powerful built-in speaker for listening your baby's
heartbeat without headphones
LCD display can show the heart rate, with blacklight
3Mhz probe
rechargeable batteryand charger are included
FDA Approved

THis Digital Fetal Doppler FL-100B is a hand-held fetal doppler, which provides a convenient use and carrying. FL-100B has a big LCD display with blue backlight. This fetal doppler can detect the fetal heart beats since the 12th week pregnancy and have strong ability of processing fetal heart sound signals. The 3 MHz is an early term and general purpose Doppler probe. It will work very well through most full term pregnancies. The 3MHz Probe is recommended for all fetal dopplers due to stronger frequency allowing users to easily find a fetal heart beat. Instead of searching for minutes or hours having little to no success of finding the fetal heart beat. Why do we recommend 3 MHz probes for fetal heart detection? Over 90% of OBs, hospitals, and midwives choose 3 MHz probe because they know from the results of millions of exams that 3 MHz works better. It works better because the fetus is so small early in gestation that 3 MHz reflects the ultrasound back to the sensor better than the lower frequency 2 MHz. A 3 MHz has also been proven to work well throughout the pregnancy. Features The ultrasound dosage is under 50% of the national ultrasonic power standard; Light Weight, handset, portable; Large LCD display with blue backlight; Built-in loudspeaker, more clearly & loudly; Support 2Mhz, 2.5Mhz, 3Mhz probe, Accurate FHR detection with clear sound; Monitor 12 weeks above unborn baby's blood wall pulsate;

package includes:
Fetal doppler main unit: 1 each
3 MHz probe: 1 each
Manual: 1 each
Power adapter: 1 each